Fellowship of Learning

PLBC and the New Testament Church: A Study of Biblical Ecclesiology

Many today believe the Bible to be an outdated religious book, full of helpful suggestions yet hardly binding on 21st Century everyday life. Without apology, we at PLBC wholeheartedly reject that notion. We join those saints from the Reformation in claiming Sola Scriptura--that Scripture alone is our ultimate authority. At PLBC we do not scrutinize scripture through the lens of contemporary culture or society's way of doing things, but we scrutinize today's methods through the inerrant lens of Scripture.

Therefore, what does Scripture alone say about things like local church body life, the church's mission, local church offices, and organizational structures? Does the New Testament envision for Christ's church guidance in these important matters that transcends the first centuries of the Church into the present? Join us for our current ABF series as Pastors Chad and Craig lead us through Biblical Ecclesiology: the theological study of Christ's Church. Come ready to engage in a conversation that will directly address the very same issues presently under discussion by our PLBC Constitution Revision Committee, and come with open Bibles as we surrender to the timeless and infallible truths of God's revealed Word.

Our current Fellowship of Learning study is taking place on Sundays at 9:30am in the auditorium.